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King was born in Uganda and raised as a Canadian. He studied and graduated the animation program at sheridan college and furthered his knowledge into game and 3D artistry.


Step to Me

The entry into the story sketch series. This time we have a peace I'm calling "The Peaceful Belligerent" The people that end up the most belligerent are the ones that "come in peace." Gotta watch out for them.

This piece is going up in the compositional order I struggled with before calling it quits. I have a tendency to be compulsively additive to the point of  fatigue. It has it's uses however.

The Smoker & the Smoking Sign
So first we started off with the concept of a smoker that doesn't give a damn. Then we decided to make him an American(yup) in a foreign country ready to cry ignorance and or start something if anyone decides to step to him. It's not his fault he can't read the language of the enemy.  
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The peace sign
At first the peace sign button was simply for composition. Later it was for contradiction. In the end it just stands to remind me of the wars Americans have fought against the Asians.
"...what's one more body amongst your foundations"

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The Bull Dog
Rumor has it dogs aren't treated all to well in some parts of the east. In adding the dog with the "look" on his face. I feel it gives our hero some motivation that's extrinsic to a degree. Of course "Corporal. Rex" here is acting look out.
"you know the drill Corporal, just like the good old days."

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The crowd of little people.
I felt  this made the composition smaller but less intimate, it also adds commotion.
decisions, decisions.
The pregnant lady is my favorite.

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The Final
And finally, after an embarrassingly long amount of time since I started, I just stopped. All the lines and cast shadows give me a sense of focus and area, but do they really? Maybe I had it right the first time.




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