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King was born in Uganda and raised as a Canadian. He studied and graduated the animation program at sheridan college and furthered his knowledge into game and 3D artistry.


Immortal Mission (2013)

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Yes...i knew you would come..I ah mean...Thanks for visiting!

My second attempt at fooling everyone that I'm a filmmaker has found it's way into pre-production. The Immortal Mission is a short 3 act story about greed and second chances. It's basically the paradigm of a bad person getting tricked by a "witch" into seeing his life in a new light sorta deals. I'm new to the whole lesson learned style of fable story telling, but what really attracted me to it was the opportunity of giving it my brand of "vocabulary". The third act can go one of two ways right now and is being violently debated by myself and the person person I'm always talking to that lives in my head. It comes down to Paradox vs Traditional. Time will tell.

STILL Pushing along with my little creative asylum. Working on alot of the 3D aspects most of which still have to be learned. In the meantime I figure I'd finally post the original sketch boards.

For vol 1 anyway.

Interestingly enough, concept started out with the intention of becoming a graphic novel for kids, but then I figured I could make it something special if I brought it to life. Moreover the book can always come later.

It's going to be a silent film with some title cards a la 1920's film. It's going to be rough somewhat rough line with the possibility of water colour painted on. I'm looking at research now. And even more emphasis will be placed the story driven compositions for I have no voice over to watch my flank this time out. However some big concepts do need to be communicated and thus the captions. 

I've wanted to crank out a pure animation film since second year, but was detoured once I was introduced to clean up.....

I'm going to try and get it down between 10 and 15 mins. I find that time frame has an interesting effect on how an audience perceives a film, having been on my own festival tour last year.

I'm probably going to start on this by the end of the year once I deal with some priorities in my life.
Till then follow along as I blog/vlog this little guy into existence.

Story i
This is rough and at the moment, has a lot of extra title cards serving mostly as notes

A ruthless killer is given a second chance at life after being tricked by a dragon into cursing himself. First act of a short silent film by King Mugabi.

I know what you're thinking, another compartmentalized story? Isn't your last one the same. Yes, and the sequel to Red Snow(Red Rain), is also on it's way. I like breaking my stuff up into volumes, it helps helps me feel pretentious(and that's not even a joke). The main difference here is that I'm going to knock this whole 3 part story out in one sitting. I'm also not blind to the similarities between this and my previous film as far as character and death..etc. It hasn't escaped me, all I can say is that it's all in the ending, and with that I think I may have just decided which route I'll go with it. Besides, if Nolan can keep telling stories about unstable men that that can't hold down long term relationships with women, I can have a calling card too.

Like WB studios, I'm going to be going poster crazy so watch out.

Check back at this space for more soon.

Story ii

Immortal Mission storyboards VOL 2 from King Mugabi on Vimeo.
A ruthless killer is given a second chance at life after being tricked by a dragon into cursing himself. First act of a short silent film by King Mugabi.

There you have it, first was set up, then comes motivation. Hopefully I can tie it all down in act three, according to some, 3rd acts are the hardest part.

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