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King was born in Uganda and raised as a Canadian. He studied and graduated the animation program at sheridan college and furthered his knowledge into game and 3D artistry.


movie painting thing #3

Not much to say about this entry, the third movie Painting/Poster. It's been about a year or so since I did my boarding with bay bit Good Times so I thought it only fitting I return to that style for this entry. I honestly love painting these characters, nothing has to be defined yet form is even more essential. Another movie series I miss not being a kid for.

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with clouds

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and here without 
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I Decided to skip the water colour brushes for this one. I actually didn't miss them all that much, however speed did suffer greatly. Looking back on these (three) pieces I regret not working on the lighting more. Perhaps the scale as well.
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goes here.

This last piece was from the boards I started then stopped when I got busy.




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