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King was born in Uganda and raised as a Canadian. He studied and graduated the animation program at sheridan college and furthered his knowledge into game and 3D artistry.



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A friend of mine introduced me to the music of Coco Rosie; a sister duo that creates some of the most interesting music around.

A few of their songs struck me as good and then there was "Werewolf," a ghostly touching semi auto bio from the sisters. Upon hearing it I couldn't help but assume it was about the romantic hardships of a young girl growing up and her relationship with her father. Funny enough it is except not nearly in the explicit way I interpreted it the first time...art's funny that way.

This was a fun yet emotional narrative composition, it's cool not to spend hours on trying to make eyes look like a certain celebrity and just being free to draw a person from my head, at the same time the song took me to a dark place, like those sad movie I can't watch anymore...
I also think I'm going to hold off on the flesh tone for a while(maybe)

The cool thing about making videos is the story. You can see her expression change in time.




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