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King was born in Uganda and raised as a Canadian. He studied and graduated the animation program at sheridan college and furthered his knowledge into game and 3D artistry.


Character Culture and World Literature

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For the pitch analysis assignment in the elective course, we were to draw specific characters and or specific narrative situations from the wide range of Stories we are to read this term. I choose the character of Scrooge.

I'm not sure why to tell you the truth. At first i just saw a chance to capture an old frail yet powerful creature. After reading the book, I found there was a much greater opportunity than just that, so i did two. Christmas Carol is a story that completely revolves around a character arc, in fact we almost never leave the character for the duration of the story. So I tried to capture who he is when we meet him and who he is when we leave, someday I might come back and do who he is after we leave him.

I wanted the images to stand alone as movie posters with tag lines and in doing so I pretty much generated viable book covers. I'll look into getting them into publishers hands cause you never know. I work at a book store and i have a love hate relationship with book covers. There are so many i want to do; Of Mice and Men being at the top of that list.

A description of the image goes here.

The arc and circle motifs in both paintings represent the character arc, the rings also represent his wealth and marriage to his beliefs, the wooden cane also represents a the 19ths century's capitalists society and how the well off stood on the backs of the impoverished, there was in inverted support system that's starting to creep its way back into today's society, but hopefully President Elect will keep his promises (seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvFJDzJ1PYk). I took the idea of scrooge squeezing and bending this piece of wood, his cane, it supports him and allows for him to stand as tall as he does, without it, well not only would he not be able to get around, but his stature would greatly decline.
Early in the book the character is in a cold dark, closed off world, after his change the world opens up, and he feels again, thus the snow for it triggers the sensation of being alive in the audience...snow is good for that.

I had alot of fun this time, the video was a great learning experience, hopefully i can incorporate some of this into my thesis film.

Song; This is your life, by Switchfoot (which is fitting, for they are a christian band)
interlaced with the Vitamin String Quartet's cover.
The content of the song work well with the themes of the story.

Merry Christmas, and god bless us, every one (not just America).


inspired by Richard Williams...who never let the medium limit the idea


Alessandro at: November 28, 2008 at 9:26 a.m. said...

Nice work my friend

Francesco at: December 2, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. said...

Very good work and illustartion! ;)


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