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King was born in Uganda and raised as a Canadian. He studied and graduated the animation program at sheridan college and furthered his knowledge into game and 3D artistry.



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Found time to whip out a commission this week, thought it'd be easy, but it was exactly the opposite...
for some reason the less i can see of someones face the harder it is to tie them down.

This time I actually had to do a full re-composite of the face...very frustrating stuff.

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A while back i attended the release of the visions of science magazine (youth magazine volunteer work this past summer). At this event i met many an older folk, some afro others not, and they all decided to tell me why Obama would, should and will win, one even stated that he was an unofficial statistician...
We all argued and discussed and by the end of it someone offered me loads of cha-ching do do a portrait.

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My favorite thing about this piece is that its' mainly red white and blue, fitting for the president...with a hint of black. Also I'm finally comfortable using the colour of the canvas for flesh tone...why fight it?

Anyways here is my second time lapse painting thus far



Sam Amanfi at: January 11, 2009 at 8:34 p.m. said...

Many words can be used to describe this piece of yours, I'm gonna go with inspirational.


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