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Superman Red Son

There are a lot of superman stories floating around. Many of which I consider some of my favorite. Mark Waid’s Birthright, Joe Kelly's Truth Justice & The American Way? Grant Morrison's All Star Superman, and of course Waid's Kingdom Come. Toss in some Loeb here and there and you have the character as I see him pretty much down (sorry Johns fans, I'm not feeling it). However, if I were to ever choose a single favorite story that I felt nailed all the best aspects of the mythos in a single take it would be none of the above. For me that story has to be Mark Millar's Red Son.

Mark Milllar, not to be confused with Frank Miller, is one of my favorite writers working. Sure he's notorious among fans, but for me any good artist should me. It's not that you can please everyone all the time, it's more that your work is bold enough to engage a strong response and debate from both ends. For me, I can read anything this guy touches. His one little stint on JLA(#27) was one of the single greatest comic book experiences of my childhood. He pretty much launched marvels Ultimate line and then solidified it with his Ultimate Xmen then Ultimate Avengers reboots. But I digress. What I love most about him is how well he gets characters. He gets them so well that it enters the realm of caricature of concept and it's there that he wins and looses fans. The detractors will say that they hate they way he bastardizes these heroes. No, he's just pushing their concepts to their furthest heights and some people just don't like where they find themselves. His jingoism fueled Captain America is nothing short of brilliant in my mind. It single handedly sent Cap from pointless to my top three most readable characters list. I finally understood Rogers and it was because Millar took the concept of the character and presented it to me in a bold yet stripped down way. But again I digress. What irks many off is that Millar essentially gave the world a peak at the "ugly side" of their beloved characters and he did it in continuity. This would be like taking Frank Miller's crazy The Dark Kinght Returns and putting it in continuity. I mention that book because it more of the same, it takes the batman concept to crazy depths. And as a result it's a celebrated yet dividing story.

Red Son is this for me. Not just with Superman but with the mainstays of the DC universe. What's done with Luthor as a political industrialist, Batman, an anarchist, Green Lantern, a tool for organized gov't and the list goes on. It's great because even with Superman seemingly backwards and communist, he's more himself than ever. Back to Luthor, this is how you do him. Morrison and Waid understand this too. Superman is, for the most part, the "strongest" hero around, Lex is his greatest equal but it's in his intellect. And Batman falls in between there somewhere. Back to Lantern, it's thematic application of the characters will and how it's used in this narrative, it's things like this that drive my love of comics. I loved all the nods in the story too. Luthor making assumptions about what would have happened had Superman landed in the US. Superman on his relationship with Lois Luthor. Batman constantly praising the Human mind.

I've avoided what the story is about for the most part, I find it more interesting that way when suggesting books to friends. This isn't a review after all. Lastly, this story may very well have the single most creative twist ending in this genre, period.

That being said, it would seem some people put together a motion comic of sorts complete with great voice acting and sound and music(It may have actually been WB). I know from experience how much work can go into such a thing so it's very much appreciated. The thing about this format is that some of the dialogue and "acting" if you will, falls flat. The original creators didn't conceive of this so some of it goes astray. If you've got a minute or two or three, give it a shot. Either way it's up for the time being and no one seems the to have any issues, so read it while you can.

Interestingly enough, this whole Red Son revisit was spurred on by a debate I got into with a friend over Superman Returns(always Returns). It was about Lois making the claim that the world doesn't need superman. For arguments sake I agree with her, and I think Red Son makes a takes a step to illustrate this.

Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel drops a year from now and my body's ready, big time.



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