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King was born in Uganda and raised as a Canadian. He studied and graduated the animation program at sheridan college and furthered his knowledge into game and 3D artistry.


movie painting thing #2

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 In the second of my attempt to compose about 6 digi-water-colouring a film scene/poster, I was inspired to try my hand at a movie  that really affected me as a child. I've always felt that kids are the luckiest audience in the world. When it come to stories and films, for them, everything is based on a true story. More accurately everything is a real story. Watching the Rocky series growing up I was overwhelmed to say the least. The style and over the top visceral imagery and plots quenched my standards for cinema like no other movie of the genre. The second sequel and the Stallone directed part 4 are probably the least critically praised of the bunch (Part 5 doesn't exist), but you guessed it, I love em most. There's is a line in part 6,  "Balboa fought wars in the ring." People died in the ring while I would sit in front of the TV and stare in wonder. It was simply awesome. And the music! The music was insane, it's pretty much why I can tolerate rock more than some of my pals. As far as Part 6 is concerned, I appreciate the real world approach they were going for but I felt it defeated the point. Rocky was at its best when it was surreal and epic. It falls flat when it tries to be somber. That would be like making a rambo movie where he doesn't take on a whole army for the sake of making it a real world film. That tone is better serviced in the far superior Million Dollar Baby.

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This first part of the composition was based on a poster/scene from the original film. The concept was simple, rocky loses but he wins. I like it because it's the oaf and his lady. Most people in North American as well as The Soviet (haha) can probably identify the iconic characters in this piece from a mile back. It stands as a testament to the design of the film more than anything else.

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This next part of the piece is why I love rocky, the Goliath's to the hero. They were both just shot so powerfully and more than anything mercilessly. I would raise my blanket up over my nose when not reaching for the popcorn. The second biggest injustice of the 6th movie was not showing us how time was treating our old pals Clubber and Ivan.

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 The mix medium tech I'm using for these really speeds things up. I'm still trying to find the best mix of pastel vs cartooning. It's always strange knowing how much different all this stuff would look in medium of choice...For the time being I just stop when it looks about right.

Clubber would Kill Drago by the way
...always bet on black.



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